December 9, 2014

Life is an interesting thing to look back on once you've reached the end of the rope of whatever it is you're looking back at.  I can pen-point the day I walked in for the interview at the Fairfield Golf and Country Club in Fairfield, Iowa.  I was just as green as the grass is on the other side in the kitchen world, save a grilled chicken debacle.  I didn't know what minimum wage had gone up to on account of previously financially getting by on playing gigs and fixing up a house in Iowa with the hired help of three Amish dudes.  At the interview at FGCC, I was just fired up at the potential to have a job... A steady job in somewhat familiar territory granted in a pretty much unfamiliar place.  Iowa, the Hawkeye State.
Aside from my new boss, Ryan, I didn't know anyone at FGCC.  But, I knew by rope's end we would all know each other on a restaurant friendly basis.  I wondered who would fill which restaurant roles:  The angry person, the funny person, the fixer upper, the new guy, the lazy one, the peace maker, the wise one, the one who is always a liability risk, the quiet one, the experienced one.  It never takes too long for everyone's identities to be revealed in those restaurant employee categorical roles.  You can constantly be reminded of why the lazy one still has a job because of how funny he/she is.  The angry one, who throws pots and pans when he/she burns something still has a job because they are the best and most experienced one.  The liability risk still has a job because he/she can make peace between the front and back of house, is really good at fixing things, and always has a dirty joke up their sleeve.  
Eventually, all the strangers who I would now be working with would become one crew.  I would be welcomed as the new guy.  The new guy from Mississippi.  By the end of my Fairfield Golf and Country Club rope, I would be.... Well, I'm not really sure... I would be the guy going to be the new guy at some other place I guess...