About KCB 


We don’t really think Cleveland is boring—our name is meant to be sarcastic, playing on that tired old idea that our town lacks things to do.  We're a team of creative and goal-oriented individuals, who spend our time supporting the cool things that our town already has, like a great art community and an ever-changing local music scene. But beyond that, we are always planning new + exciting things to come into Cleveland as well as raise money to renovate things in our city that could use a little TLC.

Keep Cleveland Boring is not a closed club.  If you want what we want, too, then we want you involved!  Find out how by contacting us. Viva Cleveland!

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Want to buy some cool stuff and, in turn, keep cleveland boring going? Stop by Hey Joe's and stock up on t-shirts, stickers, & coozies, oh my! Sales of KCB items help us fund our events and spread the word. 


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